Better with age: Does a woman's sex life really begin at forty?

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Women sex at 40

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I went off sex at about the same time as my married friends. At the same time, any sex may be followed by pain and dryness in the vagina. Because by this point, you'll have learned how to do it.

Women sex at 40

The level of testosterone is significantly decreasing, though it quite quickly comes to normal. From the age of , women are at peak of their sexuality. According to some doctors, women.

Women sex at 40

Women sex at 40

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  1. The growing pressure on the genitals results in blood flow to these organs. Couples reported peak happiness when they were having sex once per week, according to a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

  2. A marriage that one started in one's 20s might well have become stale by one's 40s - in the bedroom most of all. Because by this point, you'll have learned how to do it.

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