Best time to have sex if you want a male or female child

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Women have sex with boy

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When we got out of the taxi, she asked: At the end of the night, her friends were actually flying back to Germany, and she was supposed to be flying back with them. These two reasons probably frustrated her a lot!

Women have sex with boy

Adesanya explained that a woman is more likely to conceive a male if sexual intercourse takes place on the day the woman is most fertile, which is the day she releases an egg and that is usually between day 10 and 19 of the menstrual cycle. Think of it this way: Of course you can always screw it up, lol.

Women have sex with boy

Women have sex with boy

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  1. During that day 10 to 18, they should not have intercourse, until after that because that is when the woman is most fertile.

  2. A lesson to beginners. He added that increased lubrication of the vagina could also be a pointer, as they tend to feel wet at that period.

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