Fox on Sex: 5 Ways to Get Your Wife to Have More Sex With You

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Why is my wife so sexy

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If you're a guy, when was the last time you decided to wear something because your wife thinks you look good wearing it? Did you know that studies show that if you hug for partner for 30 seconds it raises her oxytocin levels?

Why is my wife so sexy

Remember, he has been working up the nerve to ask you for the past several hours most times. You have to actually put us in the mood. Don't ever ask men follow-up questions about their health, because when you do, they will talk forever.

Why is my wife so sexy

Why is my wife so sexy

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  1. And if I take the girls to SixFlags and everyone is sleep when we get home. I went through a period where I did not understand this.

  2. He sometimes sees sex as an adventure that you both are going on together. Yeah, but this time it might work.

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