Men who pay for sex reveal what they're thinking about before, during and after

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Why do men pay for sex

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If she enjoys it I would feel cheated. Do you think more should be done to stop them? He told me, "If I'd get in trouble for doing it, I wouldn't do it.

Why do men pay for sex

It allow information from sex workers about dangerous clients to be passed on to other people who may be affected and to the police, if agreed by the person reporting. Why are women still lying? I want to know why men would opt to pay a woman for a business transaction in which sex is the barter.

Why do men pay for sex

Why do men pay for sex

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  1. He picks up the phone, gives his credit card information and begins to talk to her. My inspiration for this article was a particular male friend of mine, Dave, who, as good-looking as he is, insists on seeing a particular escort every couple of weeks rather than finding himself a girlfriend to settle down and enjoy life with.

  2. Prostitutes reveal the reality of selling sex - from the streets to top hotels The interviews were conducted by London-based filmmaker Alice Russell who put them together in her documentary Men Buy Sex, which has so far had , views.

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