8 Male Erogenous Zones You're Probably Ignoring During Sex

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Where to touch a man sexually

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The tongue Spice up your kissing routine by playing around with his tongue. Here are a few places your man wants you to touch him during sex. Turn him on with a little smack when he is least expecting it.

Where to touch a man sexually

It will keep blood flow in the area, increasing sensitivity and keeping them at attention. It is a super sensitive area that can get him in the mood with just a little bit of attention.

Where to touch a man sexually

Where to touch a man sexually

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  1. Use the warm towel to wipe his feet and get them warm, and then focus on this point by taking your thumb and gently rubbing it around this spot as a transition to a more erotic kind of rubdown. The prostate is internally located between the base of his penis and his anus so touching him on the outside of that area can externally stimulate the gland.

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