Best time to have sex if you want a male or female child

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When to have sex for a girl

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If it is after, it should not be more than one or two days, because when a woman releases egg on that day 14, by the second day, that egg would start degenerating and start breaking down to what comes out as blood during menstruation. Pleasurable sexual intercourse can be done at anytime and anywhere, because all that is important to enjoy it in that instance is the consent and cooperation of the other person, and in a favourable atmosphere. And according to livescience, an organisation that provides information on health, technology and other related issues, a healthy adult male could release between 40 million and 1.

When to have sex for a girl

She is also the creator of WhatToExpect. He added that increased lubrication of the vagina could also be a pointer, as they tend to feel wet at that period. There are a variety of kits available that are based on altering the conditions around the egg and sperm by using nutritional supplements and douches to make the vaginal tract more receptive to either the X- or Y-sperm.

When to have sex for a girl

When to have sex for a girl

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