15 meanings of sex to a real man (1)

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What sex means to a man

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The mashup of the tender emotions with sexual excitement is the brilliant way the mind can make sure core human needs are met in consciously covert yet culturally acceptable ways. Many wives feel that if their husbands would be more emotionally responsive, they might want to have sex more. You want more sex and you expect your wife to come along for your pleasure ride.

What sex means to a man

Men are so pressured to be practical, rational thinkers that sex becomes their only way to rise above the tyranny of what everyone expects of them. Women need the romance, the passion, and the chemistry to tell her that the love is alive and going well. Women tend to prefer circular motions, but experiment with different speeds and pressure, and pay attention to how she responds.

What sex means to a man

What sex means to a man

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  1. And if you consciously do that, think of the other benefits: I am a husband with keen interest in giving my wife a good oral sex, but I lack the skill and courage.

  2. You want more sex and you expect your wife to come along for your pleasure ride. Show your loyalty not only by remaining faithful when in a committed relationship, but also by supporting your man in front of colleagues and friends and defending him when necessary.

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