Women who have anal sex: Pleasure or pressure? Implications for HIV prevention

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What percentage of women have anal sex

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Results related to each of these research questions are described in more detail below. And we did it in the big recliner chair.

What percentage of women have anal sex

Gender and power theory, which focuses on the sexual division of labor, sexual division of power, and social norms associated with relationships between men and women, may also inform our understanding of heterosexual anal intercourse Connell, This oversight may be due to cultural taboos surrounding anal intercourse, including its association with homosexuality and its perceived lack of hygiene 1. Eighty-two percent of the sample indicated that they had not used condoms during the first occasion of anal intercourse and the same proportion though not necessarily the same participants reported no condom use during the last occasion of anal intercourse.

What percentage of women have anal sex

What percentage of women have anal sex

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  1. For all but one participant, the last occasions of anal intercourse occurred alongside other forms of sexual activity, such as oral sex and vaginal intercourse.

  2. In the following example, the participant was asked if she had used condoms with her boyfriend the last time they had had anal intercourse: In terms of the generalizability of our discussion on condom use and HIV and STI prevention, we must emphasize that our sample only consisted of women who had recently engaged in unprotected anal intercourse with a partner of unknown or seropositive HIV status.

  3. These same risks can affect women of any age. The focus groups were constituted so that all the women in each group were of the same ethnicity; group 1 was African American, group 2 was Latina, and group 3 was White, but group 4 was mixed with approximately equal proportions of African American and White women.

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