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Waltham abbey essex united kingdom

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This story was related to the author of the Chronicle when he was a boy, by the elderly Sacristan Turketil, who claimed to have himself been a boy at Waltham when Harold arrived en route from Stamford Bridge, and later witnessed the interment of the king. Early history[ edit ] The name Waltham derives from weald or wald "forest" and ham "homestead" or "enclosure". After the battle, they asked permission to recover Harold's body, which could only be identified by his concubine , Edith Swanneck , who recognised "secret marks".

Waltham abbey essex united kingdom

The site was an obvious target during World War II, and a German V-2 rocket landed near the factory in Highbridge Street on 7 March , causing considerable damage to property and large loss of life. Work on a fourth intended to depict the Epiphany was interrupted by the Second World War and never resumed. The Norman nave was retained as a parish church, divided from the new work by a screen.

Waltham abbey essex united kingdom

Waltham abbey essex united kingdom

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  1. From Hastings the body was brought to Waltham and buried under the floor of the church. The manor then passed to her son Henry, who died in leaving two sons; the elder Robert, died in and was succeeded by Edward Denny , who became Baron Denny of Waltham in and Earl of Norwich in

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