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The wedding night sex

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Video about the wedding night sex:

We watched the whole movie before the bags finally showed up I fell asleep on the end of the bed. It took me quite a while to get it up.

The wedding night sex

It hurt for a second and it was over another second later. The sex itself was pretty much what i expected, it was painful for about the first 3 months. We were virgins for religious reasons.

The wedding night sex

The wedding night sex

Previously worth the wait. The sex is still old. The wedding night sex

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  1. First night was awkward, but not terrible. But on our wedding night, I suppose from all the commotion and stress from the wedding, my husband came down with a high fever about the same time we made it to our hotel room.

  2. Waited until married, new wife just got her period, and she was super emotional after all the wedding stuff. I had them leave us some whip cream and strawberries.

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