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The little mermaid sexism

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It's what happens next. Disney has made some of the most successful animated movies with the majority of them following the same principles based on stereotypes. To expand, using the book Manufacturing Consent Herman and Chomsky, , it could be argued that this shows how the media acts as propaganda, The power elite determine the dominant ideologies which are later reinforced by the media for society to accept.

The little mermaid sexism

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Now look at the other properties Disney was producing around that time. He likes daring, empowered women. Furthermore, he flat-out says he believes that Ariel lost her voice as a part of some big event.

The little mermaid sexism

The little mermaid sexism

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  1. All their female characters have the exact same face. Triton basically lives in her back yard.

  2. Walt Disney Studios Though getting brained with a frying pan is as much a "swipe left" as we can think of. Right off the bat, she owns her evil witchiness, and I love it!

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