The Dangers of Repressed Homosexuality

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Signs of latent homosexuality

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If it turns out that a husband is, in fact, gay, the fallout can be difficult to deal with, particularly for the straight partner. She withdraws into her own world and begins building an elaborate house out of playing cards.

Signs of latent homosexuality

She woke up one morning with a purple spot on the end of her nose. Though the idea of suicide never occurred to me, I know now that there is more than one way to erase yourself. I was twenty-two years old, and for the first time in my life I was going by myself to a gay bar.

Signs of latent homosexuality

Signs of latent homosexuality

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  1. A few months after that visit, she suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. He was comfortable being friends with much older women.

  2. What's important to remember is that the husband's homosexuality is entirely his responsibility and has nothing to do with the wife. Our friends start to notice and whisper to me.

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