11 Sexy — NOT SLUTTY — Halloween Costumes

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Sexy not slutty costumes

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We've changed a lot as a society in the last decade. Either way, just no. Over time, we've collectively gone through ebbs and flows of espousing and shunning our sexuality in the United States—particularly when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Sexy not slutty costumes

Let's embrace sexualizing ourselves again on this beloved holiday, without labeling it "oversexualizing. Years ago, costumes weren't based on viral uploads, but on clever renditions of characters and objects.

Sexy not slutty costumes

Sexy not slutty costumes

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  1. To each his own, but I'm here writing in favor of the barely-there—or as we've loved to call it— "slutty" Halloween costume.

  2. Deep teal eyeshadow and a silver embellished headband completed her look. It's that time of year again:

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