Nerdy, written erotica doesn't need Tumblr to survive

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Sexy little girl tumblr

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Tumblr is credited for fostering the porn GIF boom , and it has long been lauded as a space with porn created by women, for women. If an author gets bored while writing a piece about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's illicit trips to a Hogsmeade nightclub, that story might simply stop halfway through. First, the Tumblr app unceremoniously disappeared from the iOS App Store on November 16th, and executives eventually said it was because images of child sexual abuse were discovered on the platform , despite attempts to scan and ban such content.

Sexy little girl tumblr

Tumblr isn't their first, or last, battle. These stories can be hundreds of thousands of words long, spanning volumes and years, and in general, they're infused with romance.

Sexy little girl tumblr

Sexy little girl tumblr

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  1. Thousands, if not millions, of readers around the world have found solace in the clicks between chapters and the freedom to explore parts of themselves otherwise ignored by the broader culture.

  2. Fanfic authors craft original stories using existing characters from just about any franchise imaginable; popular ones include Harry Potter, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes and Attack on Titan.

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