5 Sexy Dessert Ideas for the Bedroom

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Sexy ideas for the bedroom

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Tie Them Up Tying someone up, or using handcuffs of some sort there are really soft ones that use satin, etc. Have your partner dress as a police officer or soldier.

Sexy ideas for the bedroom

Role Play Many adventurous couples know that role-playing is an exciting way to spice up their sex lives. One creative idea is to freeze the champagne into ice cubes, holding these in your mouth to tease your partner, running along their spine, belly and other sensual body parts!

Sexy ideas for the bedroom

Sexy ideas for the bedroom

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  1. But laughing at your partner may cause him to clam up and be unwilling to participate in future sexy games.

  2. Use tropical fruits as a teaser, running them along the body parts you want your partner to pay attention to! Dirty, Sexy Clothes and Underwear Put on those leather pants, or a harness…choose a latex bra, a lacy lingerie outfit, or put on a pair of hooker boots.

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