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Sexy card games for two

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Since the game is related to crazy eights, eights are wild. Tell us more in the comments below. The game uses some of the mechanics of a truth or dare game and despite being quite kinky it is also said to be female-friendly, which is awesome.

Sexy card games for two

Two decks, one for ladies and one for gentlemen. Queen of Spades next player picks up 5 cards or strips off one article of clothing Ace of Spades next player chooses something kinky for you to do butt plug?

Sexy card games for two

Sexy card games for two

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  1. Here is a list of hot games dedicated to couples, they range from small pocket games, to card games and even board games.

  2. However, to increase the erotic tension, the sensual activities or sexual dares you perform are determined by the sequence of cards played.

  3. Setting Ground Rules Set ground rules before playing sexy games. The player with the highest total score wins their favourite sex play activity or fantasy reward.

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