When You're Not Attracted to Your Partner

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Sexually attracted but not emotionally

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Or a man who is sharp enough to observe and understand social dynamics will eventually gain more leverage over social situations than will a stupid but naturally confident person; his presence will become more commanding. Please note that the above questions are over-simplifications of complex ideas.

Sexually attracted but not emotionally

Men will feel the need to be more intelligent than their woman in proportion to how masculine they are, because this dictates how much need they feel the need to fill a traditionally masculine role in relationships. While it might initially be an affront to hear that men want to be smarter than the women they date, you actually have the corollary desire.

Sexually attracted but not emotionally

Sexually attracted but not emotionally

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  1. Physically, from the moment we are born, our earthly bodies are beginning to fade away. Gay individuals experience pleasure when having sexual thoughts involving same sex partners, whereas individuals with homosexual obsessions become scared or disgusted by these thoughts.

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