How To Become a Sex Toy Reviewer (Q&A #6)

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Sex toy tester usa

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Like us on Facebook. Contact sex toy companies and convince them that they would benefit from your services. Possibility of injury Yes, you can hurt yourself with a sex toy.

Sex toy tester usa

This will help to both build your audience and create a support group of people who can give you advice on everything from working with companies to banishing self-doubt to filing taxes as a sex toy reviewer. One of my main sources of income is through affiliate programs. When people ask me what I do, I often joke that I masturbate for a living.

Sex toy tester usa

Sex toy tester usa

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  1. These are the reasons why many toy sellers actively recruit for volunteers over the Internet. Visited , times, 15 visits today Kristen Brady.

  2. All you need to do to be in with a chance is create a profile on the Lovehoney website, write an honest review of one of their items, add your address and create a wishlist.

  3. A company in the UK is currently looking to hire a person to be their official sex toy reviewer with perks that will send pulses racing. Apply for a job at a sex toy company Keep an eye out for open positions.

  4. Which brings me to… 3. This is a question I tend to get asked by people in my offline life, and then when I mention I do most of my reviews on YouTube they kind of nod as though that explains it.

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