21 Sex Tips For Guys To Use On Their Girlfriends

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Sex tips for girlfriend

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In other words — she is innocent and being led astray and made to do naughty things by this strong, sexually confident man. Use Dirty Talk or Text to Discover Her Desires Opening doors and showing a woman honor is one thing, but women are also sexual beings, so it does wonders to throw a little dirty talk into your normal communication. Another one to avoid is "that dress makes you look so thin" because it implies that she normally looks fat.

Sex tips for girlfriend

What's bondage without actually putting someone in bondage? Order this ASAP rather than just grabbing whatever rope lying around — it's super soft while remaining strong, and lends itself easily to intricate knots.

Sex tips for girlfriend

Sex tips for girlfriend

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  1. When sex feels old-hat and samey, pretty much everyone gets less interested in it; that's pretty normal. Use a light body spray or scented deodorant to get yourself smelling good.

  2. For example, you want to avoid compliments like "you look really nice today" because it implies that she does not normally look nice. Talking out sexual fantasies and urges gives you a chance to get an idea of how she would respond to them in real life.

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