G-spot sex positions: The four best moves to make her orgasm every time

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Sex positions to hit g spot

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Maneuver so you get the right angle and rock each other's world. Yet, there are some steps you can take to heighten both of your chances of giving her a G-spot orgasm and along with steps, there are four specific positions that are most likely to tip her over the edge. The Anvil The anvil is perfect for women who like to be dominated during sex.

Sex positions to hit g spot

A little lubricant and two fingers are all you need. Once things are well-under way get added pressure to your G-spot by putting your legs against his chest, or up over his shoulders if you can manage it.

Sex positions to hit g spot

Sex positions to hit g spot

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  1. Some people think it's a myth and get by on clitoral orgasms which ain't too shabby. The man will be on his knees and lean over her so she can rest her ankles on his shoulders, which will allow for extra deep penetration.

  2. But ardent believers in the lore of the G-spot spend countless, amazing hours searching for this spongy, walnut patch on the front of the vaginal wall.

  3. Girl on top When the girl is on top, if she tilts her body back slightly this allows the pressure of his penis to push up against her vaginal wall which is where the G-spot is located.

  4. From a standing position, bend at the waist and put your hands on the ground. Have him enter you from a standing position, facing you.

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