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Sex on a mountain

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They ran away and hid on Gunung Kemukus. Mr Abboud says every 35 days you have to perform sex seven consecutive times for the ritual to work. Pilgrims must then wash themselves at one of the sacred springs on the hill and find a stranger and have sex with them.

Sex on a mountain

Then there it was, the big P Legend has it a young Indonesian Prince Pangeran Samodro had an affair with his stepmother.

Sex on a mountain

Sex on a mountain

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  1. Mardiyah genuinely believes it does, attributing sex mountain and its spiritual powers to her recent success. He considers the ritual as a Javanese blend of religious ideals - with Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist influences.

  2. They then must wash themselves at sacred springs nearby and once that's been completed, they have sex. Now the tour bus took us directly to the entrance of another sex museum in Shaoguan.

  3. As we walked the road leading to the mountain, we saw some pomelo trees which fruited trumpet-like fruits! Some are privately owned, others built and funded by the local government.

  4. I recall that the exhibition displayed everything and mainly highlights how ancient people indulges in erotica. He added that the ritual doesn't take place anywhere else in Indonesia or the rest of the Muslim world.

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