Honeymoon Sex Guide: 8 Smashing Tips To Satisfying Newlywed Sex

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Sex on a honeymoon

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Take it slow and stay here a while. We definitely had fun with the foreplay.

Sex on a honeymoon

We planned a simple wedding day: However, couples do have sex whenever they can on their honeymoon. We were happy because we had gotten through that terrible day and were going to be together for a good long time, and it was only going to get better from there.

Sex on a honeymoon

Sex on a honeymoon

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  1. This is the time to talk about the sexual life you want to create together and begin to invite your other half into your innermost fantasies, turn-ons and turn-offs.

  2. Sex itself may hurt bad enough, but dryness, movement, and sensitive skin do not go together. Tightening, holding your breath, and stress only makes things worse.

  3. Let this honeymoon be a time when you each seek to please the other rather than yourself.

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