Why does everyone in high school have sex ?

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Sex in high school yahoo answers

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I'm angry not just because she has a baby and therefore had a whole host of risks and issues surrounding pregnancy and delivery, but because they then put her on Depo and didn't think to educate her on the risks and benefits of the drug. So thanks for running the asylum, Yahoo Answers.

Sex in high school yahoo answers

Enjoy the night for what it is - dancing, having fun with friends, celebrating the end of high school. I seriously doubt this is a legitimate question about her "friend," first of all.

Sex in high school yahoo answers

Sex in high school yahoo answers

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  1. Does it mean I'm horny? Are there good versions of these movies hidden within the stinking turds that saw the light of day?

  2. Nobody needs to "commemorate" the experience by losing their virginity. Male cousin coming to baby sit and I'm on my period.

  3. Again, good for you for staying a virgin. First of all, I haven't heard the term "cherry popped" in years and I didn't know people still used it.

  4. I don't know how old this girl is, but judging from the quality of the writing, I would guess old enough that she should have at least a basic understanding of how pregnancy works.

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