Men or women: Who wants more sex in a relationship?

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Sex for men and women

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You will note that some of the male descriptions are not very flattering; many paint a downright cold, animalistic picture. When women experience sex not as a ten-nine-eight countdown to climax, not as quest or test, but in terms of sensing, knowing, and feeling what one poet calls "the song of life singing" through them, then Eros offers more than mere physical gratification. The Funnel of Sexual Intimacy.

Sex for men and women

The "Gay Marriage" panic in the United States. Again, the insights that follow are not absolutes but represent what most therapists, psychologists, and scientists consider to be the majority of men and women. Author Disclosure Statement No competing financial interests exist.

Sex for men and women

Sex for men and women

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  1. Sex for men is vastly impersonal-pornography is simply meat for men. This leads to a more nuanced question:

  2. Open in a separate window aExcluding participants who had been infected with HIV at enrollment. All of a woman's senses are, in some respects, more finely tuned than those of a man.

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