The amount of sex you should be having according to age

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Sex for 50 year olds

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Seeing your doctor can help you get the appropriate treatment as well as additional advice for your specific concerns. Soft penises are underrated. Some men begin to experience issues with maintaining an erection and ejaculation at this age.

Sex for 50 year olds

Changing sexual positions and using over-the-counter OTC lubrication or vaginal moisturizers, for example, may help you maintain sexual enjoyment. What positions work best?

Sex for 50 year olds

Sex for 50 year olds

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  1. This tool may help stretch your vaginal tissues back to a place that will improve sexual function and enjoyment.

  2. German researchers surveyed 3, older men, 40 percent of whom reported erection difficulties. A position that was comfortable before may seem physically unbearable now.

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