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Sex but no kissing

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Maybe he has missed kissing as much as you have and it just takes someone making the first move to re-establish the passionate pattern again. Kissing is a cross-cultural foundation of romantic relationships and has been throughout the ages.

Sex but no kissing

While oxytocin is released in both men and women, research indicates that women are more sensitive to this chemical and thus more inclined to like doing the behaviours that make them feel pleasure and connectedness. If there is a sudden shift in your intimacy, whether it is sexual or non-sexual behaviour patterns, you need to figure out why the shift has occurred.

Sex but no kissing

Sex but no kissing

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  1. Dr Gabrielle Morrissey addresses the issue of kissing, or lack of, in a long-term relationship. Snogging did not hold the same weight as a variable in dating for men.

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