Here’s what happened when I tried to have sex thrice a day for a week…

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Sex 3 times a day

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Why does this figure hit the jackpot? Things were turning out well beyond imagination. Yes, no prizes for guessing.

Sex 3 times a day

This time we did it in a different place and it was amazing. I let out a small prayer, as I revealed my thrice-a-day plan. Looks like the pill was depressing my wife's libido.

Sex 3 times a day

Sex 3 times a day

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  1. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. When we first moved in together in , I remember us arguing that doing this every day was perhaps too much and we should skip a couple days a week - which we never did in the end.

  2. It was difficult to move. A recent Gransnet survey showed that many couples felt extremely happy and satisfied in their sexless relationships with only 65 per cent rating sex as important Another well-respected US study also found the biggest predictor for overall happiness for couples was the relationship connection not sex.

  3. Published in and written by three, well-respected US scholars including sexologist Pepper Schwartz , it draws on thousands of surveys to find out what makes couples happy. The first sex is in the morning as soon as I get up she gets up before me to get kids ready for school.

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