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Risks of unprotected sex

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Most people get HIV by having unprotected vaginal or anal sex. This is because it contains organisms that can cause illness or infection, for example shigella.

Risks of unprotected sex

Sex toys This covers a wide range of items, including vibrators and sex dolls. The high level included scores above the median and the low level included scores below or at the median score. You can use any kind of condom during oral sex.

Risks of unprotected sex

Risks of unprotected sex

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  1. Not everyone chooses to do this. Better understanding of sexual behaviours of HIV-positive people or their intention to practise such behaviours can help design effective interventions.

  2. We hired four local interviewers who were also HIV-positive men and gave them a one-day training. Health information has an important role in predicting health-related behaviours by changing perceptions of risk 11 -

  3. There is a very small chance of getting HIV from unprotected oral sex , but only if the person giving oral sex has mouth ulcers, sores or bleeding gums, or if the person receiving oral sex has been recently infected.

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