Master Series Reciprocating Saw Sex Machine Adapter

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Reciprocating saw sex toy

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I'm a little more of a purist I guess and don't want all the technology - seen to much of it at work. All the parts that went in were very soft and floppy for safety reasons, but the machine could stroke as long as was wanted not limited by physical abilities of a partner. But after the "fucksaw" story made national news Wednesday, the university's president spoke out against Bailey's after-class event.

Reciprocating saw sex toy

Students were reportedly warned about the explicit nature of the demonstration, and were urged to skip the event if they were worried about being uncomfortable. For linear motion, there are lots of things, from linear actuators either powered by a motor and a lead screw to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Reciprocating saw sex toy

Reciprocating saw sex toy

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  1. Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro told the Chicago Sun-Times he was "troubled and disappointed" by the incident, and that an investigation into the matter was underway.

  2. You need to decide on what kind of motions you want, as in vibratory or linear, and than figure out the intensity if it is vibratory or the speed and stroke length if it is linear.

  3. To the extent that this event provokes a discussion of my reasoning, above, I welcome it. There are also some buzzer based ones, but again, they seem rare.

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