3 Reasons You Should Want Your Child to Wait to Have Sex

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Reasons why you should have sex

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Reasons why you should have sex

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Reasons why you should have sex

Reasons why you should have sex

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  1. However, it is tru they have many other applications. And so, the following 6 reasons why everyone should have kids are my response to said commenters and pesky online article:

  2. I personally would not wear Ivory- due to the slaughter of such a magnificent species and the crime associated with the trade, and injury or death of ivory smugglers who don't get to their destination. Also, I never understood why some people hate kids.

  3. It is the responsibility of all consumers to be informed about the purchases they make. Sure they can have their challenges and once they reach a certain age, they are capable of intentionally being mean, but they are not some evil entity!

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