Sex and Seniors: The 70-Year Itch

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Old man have sex

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The partner gap The physical changes that occur with age can give older people a chance to revitalize their lovemaking by focusing more on intimacy and closeness instead of sex alone. What changes as men get older?

Old man have sex

A need for more stimulation to achieve and maintain erection and orgasm Shorter orgasms Less forceful ejaculation and less semen ejaculated Longer time needed to achieve another erection after ejaculation You may feel some anxiety about these changes, but remember they don't have to end your enjoyment of sex. If you feel you might be depressed, talk to your doctor or a counselor. After the children left home and her husband retired, the couple had more freedom to express their sexuality.

Old man have sex

Old man have sex

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  1. Indeed, for many couples, a shared sense of humour, home and history far outweigh the desire for orgasmic gymnastics.

  2. Many seniors continue to enjoy their sexuality into their 80s and beyond. In general, he is less explosively-triggered than before, and can delay orgasm for quite a time.

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