How to deal with your feelings when you find out that your partner or spouse is bisexual

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My wife is bisexual

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Sadly, I'm sorry to have to tell you, it could also be that your partner is actually gay or lesbian. I asked if monogamy was even on the table, because I do not think can have a fully open, honest conversation without both parties having to compromise.

My wife is bisexual

I've written this article to help you and your partner understand your feelings and the likely process of your emotions. Both partners admit to having liked being with someone of the opposite sex as well.

My wife is bisexual

My wife is bisexual

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  1. Within the last two weeks she came out to me as bi, and said she is still trying to figure this all out. I love my wife.

  2. She's been carrying on behind my back, maybe in front of our two children, for all I know.

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