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Male to male free sex

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Another problem that may affect men's health in the future is the affordability of modern medical treatment. The majority of physicians believe that men's health is the domain of the urologist, and primary care physicians, endocrinologists and cardiologists are less important.

Male to male free sex

Many different factors contribute to the scarcity of data on the sexual health of Asian men. Alternative medicine encompasses these aspects, taking a holistic approach to patient's problems.

Male to male free sex

Male to male free sex

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  1. Asian men are physically, culturally and socially different from Western men; 50 , 51 thus, results produced in the West may not be applicable to men in Asia.

  2. Namely, compared to self-reporting, the prevalence rate was higher when it was based on the International Index of Erectile Function-5 score.

  3. However, traditional and complementary medicine should be fully exploited, and more research should be conducted to sieve the good from the bad.

  4. Asian men should shed the taboos associated with sex and realize that sexual dysfunction is a disease that can be treated. The majority of physicians also agree that loss of normal function with age is inevitable, and the illness and conditions experienced by men as they age are predictable.

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