To Kiss or Not to Kiss After Oral Sex?

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Kissing after oral sex

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Achievement posts and updates are not allowed. By nature, most women don't really like the taste and smell of the vagina. In fact, discuss it with him or her before the situation comes up.

Kissing after oral sex

Some do not mind it and many lesbians actually enjoy it. If you don't keep your genitalia clean and fresh, your partner might not want to go down on you, and you probably won't want to get a taste of yourself afterward either. Then maybe he or she will come back, give you a massage, a Porsche and a million bucks.

Kissing after oral sex

Kissing after oral sex

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  2. I should warn you that the world's leading authority on medications, which is the American Food and Drug Administration FDA , has repeatedly refused to license flibanserin.

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