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Is gay anal sex safe

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Test the water temperature first with your hand and turn down the temperature until it feels lukewarm. As a bottom, you can negotiate condom use, but your partner is the one who wears the rubber. There are other things you can also do to reduce your risk for STDs:

Is gay anal sex safe

However, there is a general misconception that there are little to no health risks associated with topping, but a good top knows that he has to think about his sexual health and safety just like any bottom out there. Three-quarters of men reported using more than one strategy; the strategies most commonly combined were serosorting and condom use. They are similar to the anal douche bulb but they actually are a bit better because the tip of the nozzle is softer and more flexible than that of an anal douche bulb.

Is gay anal sex safe

Is gay anal sex safe

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