Sexual headache

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Intense headache after sex

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Up to half of all people with sex headaches experience them over the course of about six months. The International Headache Society.

Intense headache after sex

Summary Primary headache associated with sexual activity is more common among men than women. Some people may only have one attack during their lives. But risk factors for these headaches include:

Intense headache after sex

Intense headache after sex

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  1. A widening or bubble in the wall of an artery inside your head intracranial aneurysm An abnormal connection between arteries and veins in the brain arteriovenous malformation that bleeds into the spinal fluid-filled space in and around the brain Bleeding into the wall of an artery leading to the brain dissection Stroke Use of some medications, such as birth control pills Inflammation from certain infections Sex headaches associated with loss of consciousness, vomiting, stiff neck, other neurological symptoms and severe pain lasting more than 24 hours are more likely to be due to an underlying cause.

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