Understanding The Lack Of Sexual Desire in Your Marriage

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I have no sexual desire for my husband

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Being told that you look sexy and beautiful can go a long way. What dampens sexual desire in both men and women are self-expectations and self-judgments.

I have no sexual desire for my husband

After nine more years of a near sexless marriage, I finally saw a therapist. Although relational factors are important to women, Sims and Meana , studying sexual decline in married women, report that stable, even caring relationships are necessary but not sufficient for sexual desire —women want to feel the romance. The rejection of self for whatever reason equates to a rejection of a partner who loves you.

I have no sexual desire for my husband

I have no sexual desire for my husband

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  1. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. The overall reasons they gave for their lack of sexual desire included:

  2. I discovered my "low sex drive" had nothing to do with me, but rather, deep rooted issues I had with my husband.

  3. Stroke his ego and hopefully he will catch on to pay you a compliment in return. Let's see, you work a full time job and spend your free time in the car carting your children around from game to game, and you have no time for YOU.

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