10 Provocative Ideas for Women to Initiate Sex

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How women initiate sex

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My friends have made me believe that if I do so, he may think that I have had some past experience and may doubt my loyalty. So there you have it: Here are two suggestions for initiating sex without taking the dominant role:

How women initiate sex

She thinks it's a taboo Do guys really think highly of girls who take the lead in sex? Share this article Share Men are already ahead of the game when it comes to sex drive because they have more naturally occurring testosterone, the hormone that influences our sex drive. Another reason why this can backfire:

How women initiate sex

How women initiate sex

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  1. Dr Himanshu Saxena, a relationship expert opines, "Men are more vocal about their sexual desires than women, that is one of the reasons they end up initiating sex almost always. Get him to see a doctor if you think he may be suffering from low testosterone or struggling with erection problems so avoiding sex out of embarrassment.

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