21 Reasons We Should All Wait Longer To Have Sex

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How to wait to have sex

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Take your time instead of rushing under the sheets. No matter what other reasons you have for waiting, this tangible and immediate benefit of abstinence that can help you overcome temptation.

How to wait to have sex

A date at your house, alone, watching a movie in bed is not going to make avoiding temptation any easier. If your partner isn't doing their share you should find someone who is willing to respect your desires. There are a lot of reasons to wait to have sex, including:

How to wait to have sex

How to wait to have sex

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  1. Getting to know someone emotionally before sex. Kiss, hold each other, and work up to sex instead of making it the end all be all of your relationship.

  2. Keeping the physical out of the equation for a while makes it so that you have to get to know each other in terms of personality and intellect, without your opinion being clouded by what they look like naked. Take some time as long as you need and really think about whether or not you think you can forgive him.

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