This Is How To Truly Please A Man In Bed (From A Manís Perspective)

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How to sexually please your man

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His mind will only be able to think about one thing, you. You should know when he's brooding and wants to be left alone, or when he's upset and wants to be comforted and to open up to you -- if you mix up the two moods, you'll either suffocate or alienate him. You can talk to him right after sex and ask him what he wished you did more of or less of.

How to sexually please your man

He shouldn't feel like he can have you whenever he wants. Plant a hand firmly on his chest.

How to sexually please your man

How to sexually please your man

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  1. Learn to have even-toned discussions instead of yelling when you have a disagreement.

  2. It's okay to want your man to step it up a bit, whether it's by not showing up late to your dates or by taking less than three hours to return one of your calls, but it's not okay to try to change the way your man looks, dresses, thinks, and talks to suit your idea of what the "perfect man" should be like.

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