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How to have sex in the kitchen

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Be careful; this position may make her ejaculate all over you. You can use anything that is in the kitchen; the kitchen platform, the bar stool, the stove, the kitchen floor, the table, the ice from the freezer, the water from the sink and so on. She will definitely enjoy this move and begin to feel excited and once the platform is set no more guidance is required for you!

How to have sex in the kitchen

Playing together in naughty ways often sets the tone for sex and what follows is sheer joy and excitement. You can either go for sex in the kitchen in a planned way or you can just surprise your spouse by being naughty while she is busy with her cleaning or preparing dish.

How to have sex in the kitchen

How to have sex in the kitchen

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  1. You can make use of the flour in the cabinet or the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator or the strawberries on the kitchen counter.

  2. Whichever ways you want to have sex in the kitchen be sure none can ever disappoint you! Many simply look for a bed, a couch or even the floor when the sexual passion sets in.

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