Is Your Husband or Wife Having an Affair? Know These 7 Top Signs

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How to have a sexual affair

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Sometimes there might not be negative changes at all. If you have one to three, you should seriously consider telling your spouse now that you are not happy in the marriage; if you have four to seven signs, you are at high risk of straying; and, if you have eight to 10 of these signs, you are unquestionably an affair waiting to happen:

How to have a sexual affair

The safest bet is to give her a reason other than sex to go back to your place, her place, or a hotel room. This care is also my safety net should Michael ever want more.

How to have a sexual affair

How to have a sexual affair

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  1. Your profile picture should be something tasteful. Having an affair is but natural for some people in this case.

  2. She hears that from the vast majority of guys that message her. And these might actually not be the signs of having an affair.

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