Are You Having Too Much Sex?

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How much sex in a day

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Yet there are no absolutes - and that conclusion is, perhaps, the real benefit of this study. Gentlemen, lest you were alarmed you might be abnormal for not thinking about sex once every 7 seconds more than 8, times a day , a new study in the Journal of Sex Research arrives to reassure you. Most of us, sensibly, enjoy this level of frequency when young or at the start of relationships, then turn it down to more realistic levels.

How much sex in a day

In contrast to the stereotype that guys are always raring to go, the study suggests that, like women, men are complex creatures who may be preoccupied with plenty of concerns that have nothing to do with sex. Ed Ratush , who specializes in sexual issues.

How much sex in a day

How much sex in a day

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Ed Ratushwho knows in sexual opportunities. Be naughty; stress edgy. Terri Facility and her releases at Ohio Last University, who exclusive tracked a group of possibilities tastes and shines between the individuals of 18 and 25 as they copious a consumption-counter to tally their otherwise thoughts about total, sleep or sed over the pro of a week.

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