My Cats Are Having Sex! What Do I Do?

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How do cats do sex

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Hence the importance of cat castration , especially if we want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. The behavior of cats during mating is very similar to the behavior of cats during aggressiveness. Courtship and copulation of cats When the female enters heat the phase where she is most receptive to attract males she radically changes her behavior and does not reject male mount attempts.

How do cats do sex

You should, however, make sure your veterinarian is qualified and comfortable with the procedure. Male cats neutered sooner rather than later have much less chance of developing sexual urges. A veterinarian can use ultrasound to check the development and heart rate of the fetuses from day 26 to birth.

How do cats do sex

How do cats do sex

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  1. You walk into the room expecting a fight, and you are instead greeted by the sight of them going at it. His thick skin and muscles help him win battles with rival males.

  2. Most cats attack the male after mating, very aggressively, and then rotate and lick their genital area for 1 to 7 minutes. In controlled cat colonies, with 14 hours of light, 10 hours of darkness and constant temperatures, female cats will breed year-round.

  3. Kittens are tiny, fluffy and innocent creatures that grow up before you know it. Male Cats Male cats are known as tomcats, and they tend to become sexually mature at the same approximate time frame as queens -- about 5 or 6 months in age.

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