How To Be Sexy: 8 Quick & Easy Tips Every Woman Should Know

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How can i get sexy

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Trust us on this one. Now, we know that being sexy has more to do with a certain je ne sais quoi.

How can i get sexy

Not only does eye contact make you sexy, it also makes you seem confident and in control. If I could afford a different lingerie set for every day of the month, I would do this all the time.

How can i get sexy

How can i get sexy

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  1. A more animated women generally appears sexier than one who seems stiff and inhibited. I would suggest wearing any perfume that smells like Vanilla because it is extremely relaxing, welcoming and warm.

  2. And no, I did not subtly touch someone while talking because I have personal space issues and I cannot bear the thought of unintentionally making someone really uncomfortable by lightly touching their arm mid-conversation. A more animated women generally appears sexier than one who seems stiff and inhibited.

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