Hookup Culture Vs. Rape Culture

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Hookup culture and sexual assault

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But even in a time as supposedly sex-positive as this one, hookup culture can still come off as something to be avoided or ashamed of—especially if you are a woman or belong to the LGBTQ community. We live in an environment where the act of hooking up—of being sexual with someone else, whether for the first time for the hundredth—is still viewed as a questionable choice, and too frequently leveraged as a defense for perpetrators of sexual assault.

Hookup culture and sexual assault

Men typically control the terms of a hookup Bogle ; Wade , are far more likely to ex- perience sexual pleasure Armstrong et al. The presence of drugs, however, makes this all more complicated. This can be as simple as using positive language to refer to sexuality.

Hookup culture and sexual assault

Hookup culture and sexual assault

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