The Power Of Three! Threesomes: Have To Have Sex With Two Men

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Having sex with two men

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The only thing I'd say is that this doesn't look like a really stable situation, but not because there are two guys, just because neither of them want to commit to the more serious relationship that you sound like you're looking for long-term. Obviously, don't rub it in but it would be nice if there was a way that you didn't have to hide your true self from her. You should either own and embrace your sex life, or quit.

Having sex with two men

Yep, that means a good stash of condoms should be on standby. I am so stressed.

Having sex with two men

Having sex with two men

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  1. It's fine to answer essential questions to clear up any misunderstandings and, perhaps in the end post a conclusion about how it turned out, or what decision you made but beyond that, it's better to just relax and consider the advice. With your partner and a "guest", a friend or a vague acquaintance.

  2. He does not believe this child is his so he said he is going to wait until I have the baby so we can do a DNA test. The strength of your relationship is a major factor to consider, before you introduce an unknown into the bedroom.

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