This is why good sex keeps you with a bad partner

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Great sex bad relationship

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Can a few evenings of the good stuff compensate for all those less good times? Where there is love, respect, and an equal amount of self-awareness and good humour, there too, exists the possibility of sizzling clinches and tender intimacies. More so, it puts on the agenda questions about prioritising sex and querying the role of quality in comparison to all our other relationship priorities.

Great sex bad relationship

Awful to read but worse to acknowledge that this women-making-everything-okay-in-spite-of-themselves nonsense feels very bloody familiar. Certainly for me the presence of sex - regardless of the degrees of satisfaction - is a dealbreaker. There's always the fear of the unknown, of course, but if you do not let this toxic one go, how would you know about the better one waiting out there for you?

Great sex bad relationship

Great sex bad relationship

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  1. What this results in is people's refusal to let go if that to that partner who satisfies their sexual needs fantastically only to deprives them of all other forms of happiness, excitement and satisfaction that relationships are known to provide.

  2. Suddenly what initially looks like commitment seems smothering; the sex that once felt all new and exciting and spontaneous feels a whole lot like rape.

  3. Can a few evenings of the good stuff compensate for all those less good times? By the time Catherine debates this question, Lee has already demonstrated his bad-boyfriend attributes:

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