Ex Sex is the Best Sex

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Ex sex is the best sex

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But you're not distracted by thinking, Does this person really like me? We're always taught that sex with an ex is an emotional minefield, but new research suggests it could actually help partners having difficulty coming to terms with a break-up Meanwhile, partners who had accepted the break-up found sex made no difference at all to how they dealt with it, indicating that 'ex-sex' may not be quite as emotionally detrimental as we had previously thought, and that it can, in fact, have benefits for those who are not-quite over their relationship.

Ex sex is the best sex

And having sex doesn't necessarily make you better at sex -- after all, everyone is different in bed -- but having sex with the same person, over and over again, absolutely makes you better at having sex with that same person. The survey of 1, adults found that 38 per cent of women said the best sex of their lives was in a previous relationship.

Ex sex is the best sex

Ex sex is the best sex

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  1. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. In that world, married sex is played for laughs, whereas all the other kinds of sex -- casual sex, new sex, cheating sex, ex sex -- get the sultry soundtrack and rumpled sheets.

  2. Cox said many women benefited from having sex with their ex because it ultimately gave them 'closure' on the relationship. And so on and on and on and on.

  3. Sex toy firm Lovehoney found that more women than men look back with longing on past relationships and admit to having had better sex with an ex than with their current partner.

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