Does anal hurt????????

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Does anal sex hurt

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Pain Is Sometimes Pleasurable Be it spanking or paddling, nipple clips or anal sex, a bit of pain can really get the juices flowing for many women. It's The Gift That Keeps On Giving "My guy absolutely loves anal sex from time to time, so any time he does something particularly sweet, brave or helpful for me, I very often reward him with my waiting derriere.

Does anal sex hurt

I tried it again with another person and had to shut that down immediately as that level of trust or care was absent. Any sort of injury or infection you might have is going to make things uncomfortable and needs to be addressed. Once you can get past the hang-ups or the fears many of us have, anal sex can open new doors to pleasure.

Does anal sex hurt

Does anal sex hurt

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  1. Even if one sexual activity feels good, that's no guarantee that every type of sex is going to feel good either. Although the physical dalliance between Mr.

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